Child Maintenance

Child maintenance has featured in the news in recent weeks, as ministers consult on proposed changes in England, Scotland and Wales which they say will "better support families" to make lasting arrangements and will save the taxpayer money. Certain aspects of the proposals have generated considerable controversy:

When parents separate, child maintenance is the regular financial support paid by the parent who is not living with the children to the parent who is the main carer. For many single parent families, it is an essential form of support.

There are a number of ways to set up arrangements for child maintenance, which will depend on each family's circumstances. Some families will be able to come to a private agreement regarding how much maintenance should be paid; others will require the involvement of the Child Support Agency or the courts.

When couples break up, accessing the right legal advice can help to take some of the uncertainty and worry out of the situation. We can advise you on how much maintenance you or your ex-partner should be paying. If appropriate to your circumstances, we can assist you in drawing up a private agreement. We can also assist you with any queries relating to the Child Support Agency.

For specialist legal advice on any child maintenance issues, please contact our Family Law Team.