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  • Time Off for Holidays

    7 December, 2011

    The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the employers in the case of Russell v Transocean.…

  • Long Term Sickness Absence & Payment for Annual Leave

    14 November, 2011

    When is an employee on long-term sickness absence entitled to be paid for annual leave?…

  • AXA General Insurance Ltd & Others v The Lord Advocate & Others

    13 October, 2011

    Supreme Court rules that pleural plaques will remain compensable in Scotland.…

  • Employment Law Changes

    29 September, 2011

    Three significant changes to employment law come into effect on 1 October.…

  • Varying Terms & Conditions of Employment

    22 September, 2011

    Last week, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) shed light on the steps an employer can take when seeking to vary 470 staff contracts, and the impact this has on any subsequent dismissal and re-engagement process.…

  • Employment Law Exchange Forum

    1 September, 2011

    Register now to attend our free knoweldge sharing forum around employment issues that matter…

  • What Is Employment?

    2 August, 2011

    At first glance this might appear to be a simple question. It is certainly an important one, because for many statutory claims, the Claimant / Pursuer must be able to establish that he or she is an employee. It is in fact a complex issue, which courts have been grappling with in recent years. It figures in two decisions from the Supreme Court this month.…

  • Legal Representation at Internal Disciplinary Hearings

    1 July, 2011

    If asked whether an employee is entitled to legal representation at internal disciplinary hearings, most experts would say no, unless an employer’s policy specifically stated so. This assumption has been shadowed somewhat by a recent decision of the UK Supreme Court.…

  • When is a PILON payment not a PILON payment

    29 June, 2011

    The true meaning of the termex gratia was considered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in a judgement handed down this week.…

  • The Bribery Act 2010 Update

    27 June, 2011

    The new Bribery Act comes into force on Friday this week – 1 July 2011. It creates new offences of bribery and, crucially, of failing to prevent bribery. …

  • Oil & Gas Sector ‘Most at Risk’ From New Bribery Laws

    27 May, 2011

    New research from Ernest & Young suggests that the UK’s strict new bribery laws, which are due to come into force on 1 July 2011, will hit the oil and gas sector the hardest.…

  • Employer’s Liability for Negligent False Statement

    4 May, 2011

    It is well established that an employer owes a duty of care when providing a reference to both its former employees and to the recipient of the reference.…

  • The Bribery Act 2010

    28 April, 2011

    The Government have announced in Guidance published on 30 March 2011 that the Bribery Act 2010 (“the Act”) will come into force on 1 July 2011.…

  • Lord President delivers further blow to the insurance industry in the Inner House appeal decision in AXA & others v The Lord Advocate

    18 April, 2011

    In a long running issue of compensation for non disabling pleural plaques, the Inner House, Scotland’s Appeal Court has come down in favour of Scottish Claimants and confirmed that the condition will remain compensable in terms of the Damages (Asbestos Related Conditions) (Scotland) Act 2009. …

  • Fatal Claims in Scotland

    6 April, 2011

    This is an alert for insurers in connection with valuing and reserving fatal claims in Scotland. Changes are on the immediate horizon. Certain changes also apply to injury cases. There are three separate factors.…

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