SMIB August 2011

We have a relatively large number of cases for you this time. Some of them are deeply tragic, such as one involving soldiers killed while serving in Iraq, or another in which a high-spirited jape went wrong with appalling consequences.

In others, people's actions have had less serious consequences - although, as with most of the cases we are involved with, they have at least caused distress or discomfort for those affected.

In every case, however terrible the loss or damage, what you need from your lawyers is an ability to establish the key legal questions and to resolve the dispute as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible. I believe that this is what sets Simpson & Marwick apart.

We're always keen to hear your views on SMIB. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me at  or 0131 525 8562.

Enjoy this issue.

Graeme Watson

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