• SMIB - December

    11 December, 2012

    This month, SMIB wrestles with some very difficult legal problems.

    A district council in Northern Ireland chose not to clear up a playing field after a bonfire because it felt that the clearers would be attacked. An unexploded firework later injured a child; was it sufficient that the council had contemplated and attempted the ‘reasonable steps’ required under occupier’s liability legislation? Turn to page 2 to see the High Court of Justice’s decision.…

  • SMIB November 2012

    22 October, 2012

    If you receive our regular SMIB you will be well used to tales of terrible personal injuries. I’m pleased to say that in this special professional indemnity issue we have nothing worse than a broken arm, yet the issues we consider could have devastating consequences for entire sectors of business.…

  • SMIB October 2012

    18 September, 2012

    After a sports packed summer during which we all learnt how to pronounce keirin we bring you our transport themed October 2012 edition of SMIB.…

  • SMIB - June 2012

    28 June, 2012

    Welcome to the June 2012 editon of SMIB. This issue covers cases which pose questions going right to the heart of personal injury practice. How broad is the duty of care? Who is responsible? And how much will it cost?…

  • SMIB April 2012

    11 April, 2012

    Several of the cases in this issue deal with some
    interesting questions about how the law should be

  • SMIB February 2012

    18 January, 2012

    In the last issue of SMIB we offered you a pick-n-mix of eight short articles; this time we have a slightly heavier meal of five more complex cases. We are sure, however, that you will find much to savour.…

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